Hi everyone!!

My name is Kendra Perry and I think being healthy is awesome!



If I had to describe myself with 3 words, they would be….


1. Hyper

I have way too much energy it seems. Going to the beach sometimes seems like an impossibility! I know this must sound ridiculous. I feel the need to be active in some way everyday or I just don’t sleep very well at night. Luckily I have many outdoor hobbies to wear me out everyday!

2. Passionate

When I get interested in something, I get INTERESTED. And I go all out for it and talk about it all the time and think about it all the time and want to do it all the time and tell my friends about it all the time and update my facebook status about it all the time…..

3. Funny

Well maybe I’m tooting my own horn. Maybe I’m not that funny, but I always think my jokes are funny. Ahahahah….I love to laugh anyway. Laughter truely could be the best medicine. There’s nothing like the kind of laughing that makes to almost pee your pants. It’s one of life’s great beauties.

What’s My Mission?

To help people get healthy! Seriously, it amazes me everyday, all the misinformation that exists when it comes to the subject of nutrition. Advertizing, makes so many food products appear to be healthy, when in fact they are not. It just seems wrong. Thankfully we have the internet and we can share information to help each other regain our health.

Everyone Can Do it!

Our bodies are incredible machines! It is truely amazing what we all have the ability to achieve CrazyHappyHealthy Life. Unfortunately, there is so much conflicting information available and a lot of people looking to make a quick buck on “miracle cures” and unsustainable diets. But if we help each other, we can all be successful

Happy Eating!!


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